"Man of the Soil" best film at IFFF

Ronald E. Hole

Filmmaker Pierre Deschamps' 'Man of the Soil' - shot with the EOS 5D Mark II on location in the Commonwealth of Dominica - has won the best film award in the 'Shorts' category of the second International Forest Film Festival (IFFF), organised by the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival in collaboration with the United Nations Forum on Forests Secretariat.

About the documentary

It is the portrait of a man called Jerry Maka West. He is a simple man, a Nom Tèw, creole for a man of the soil. Juxtaposed to the hustle and bustle of city life, Jerry works his garden in the island’s lush interior, his Zion, growing and preparing his food just as his grandparents once taught him.

The complexities of the modern world pass him by as he skips in and out of it, circling around it, never really being drawn into it, preferring instead to live close to nature, and to work hard putting just as much in as he takes out. In harmony with a living earth, a nature island, Jerry Maka West lives the kind of life most of his contemporaries have forsaken, yet many would no doubt envy in a world that has become a confusion of questionable priorities and trivia.

Source: Canon