What if you could enter history through a photograph?

Håvard Ferstad

“I started to think about biography and history, and how it's most often written.

People start at the beginning, they go trough the middle and they come to the end.

There's something truly insufferable about it, because often I feel like I am going through some kind of routine, and I don't know why I am going trough this routine. Just the mere fact of ordering stuff chronologically is supposed to be good enough - it's supposed to suggest causation.

So then I imagine what if you could do history in a completely different way: What if you entered through - not the general, but a particular - something really, really specific. Like a moment in time and a specific place always picked at random. What if you could enter history through a photograph?”

Bonus: Philip Zimbardo, the man behind the Stanford prison experiment

Psychologist Zimbardo conducted the famous Stanford Prison Experiment in the seventies. The goal was to research the influence of circumstances on the behaviour of people.