"My Father" - a strong and intimate story about a father

Ronald E. Hole

Christine Schmitthenner has made a strong and intimate story about her father.

- 25 years ago my father gave me my first video camera to film my children. I was immediately thrilled, tells Christine Schmitthenner. Now she has made an film about the man who introduced her to the world of living images.

- I tried to learn more about filming reading books and magazines.

- For more than ten years I made money filming weddings. Then I came in touch with television, where I learned a lot. At a small tv-station you are forced to try everything, from news to documentaries, live shows or commercials.

- One year ago I saw the first DSLR videos on Vimeo, and I knew that I had found my tool!

- For very little money I now could buy the equipment I've always dreamed of. And after a month of research in the web I ordered equipment from all over the world.

Ease of use

- It is very difficult to use the 7D. Working with a DSLR is something totally different from a video camera. At the beginning I really didn't know what I was doing. Today I still can't believe how much I learned in the last year. I had no idea about technical stuff like pixels, converting, grading.... I learned everything from other people on the web. And now people are asking me how to do it.

- On my comments on Vimeo you can find a lot of answers to your questions.

- I learned a lot from Philip Bloom, he is doing really great work. From him I learned about grading and Magic Bullet.

- From Luca I learned about the Super Flat Picture Style. All this helps to get the film look! I am working with Premiere CS4, it is funny why people think you can do good work only with Final Cut!

The latest piece from Christine: